Hershey Montessori Training Institute

10924 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, Ohio, 44106

In affiliation with Association Montessori Internationale

2012-2013 Academic-Year Course

Our next academic-year elementary course will commence August 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio. Students who successfully complete this nine-and-a-half-month course of study will earn an elementary diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the organization founded by Maria Montessori in 1929.  AMI is the only organization authorized by Dr. Montessori to continue her work.  AMI diplomas are recognized worldwide as the preeminent Montessori teacher certification.

The course will be held at HMTI headquarters in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, on the campus of the Montessori High School. University Circle home to Case Western Reserve University (see photo above), the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the internationally acclaimed Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and a number of other cultural institutions, parks and gardens, plus a variety of entertainment and dining options.

Master's Degree Option

HMTI has partnered with Loyola University Maryland to offer graduate credit towards a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) degree or a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Montessori Education (open to candidates who have an M.Ed. degree). The HMTI course of study allows students to simultaneously work towards the AMI diploma and one of these advanced degrees. For further information, including tuition and fees (which are not included in the HMTI tuition), and financial aid for this option, visit: www.loyola.edu/montessori/affiliate

Dates of Instruction

Tuition & Fees

Application Fee
Tuition Balance
Total Tuition (Elementary only)
Tuition & Materials
Foundation Course
Total Tuition, Materials & Foundation Course

* Students are advised to budget $2,000 for classroom materials. Course requirements include preparation/purchase of a variety of classroom materials necessary for the proper functioning of a Montessori elementary classroom.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid:

Trainees at HMTI are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the MES Fund, which is administered by AMI/USA.

HMTI also offers a loan option to qualified students. Contact the training institute for details.

HMTI students who are pursuing an M.Ed. degree or CAS through Loyola University Maryland may be eligible for federal financial aid. For more information, visit www.loyola.edu/montessori/ affiliate/tuition_fees.html

School Sponsorship:

Montessori elementary teachers are in high demand worldwide. The training institute regularly receives queries from schools that wish to sponser a elementary trainee. Please contact Jamie Rue at jamierue@montessori-hmti.org to find out if sponsorship opportunities are currently available.

Tuition Discounts:

Through an agreement between HMTI and NAMTA, trainees who have completed the AMI Adolescent Orientation may receive a 20 percent reduction in their HMTI tuition. Graduates of HMTI who subsequently enroll in the AMI Adolescent Orientation will be eligible for a 20 percent reduction in their Adolescent Orientation tuition.

Housing & Parking

A variety of housing alternatives are available close to the training institute. Parking adjacent to the campus is available. For more information, please contact Jamie Rue at jamierue@montessori-hmti.org or 216-231-2651.